Chronic pain recovery

Have you ever asked:
What classifies as chronic pain?
Can chronic pain go away?
Can chronic pain be cured?
Are there treatments for chronic pain?
How long does chronic pain last?
Can chronic pain come and go?
How do I know if it’s muscle or bone pain?
Why can’t I get rid of my pain?
Is it normal to hurt everyday?
What happens if chronic pain is left untreated?  
Why does my pain keep returning?
How can I get pain relief without drugs?

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Pain science has come along way in the last decade. Persistent pain for more than three months can be considered chronic. The brain is very good at recognising pain and gets better at it the longer the pain persists. It’s a protective mechanism rather than an indicator of tissue damage and can often become overprotective in its nature. Pain is also often unreliable as an indicator of injury severity. Protective pain is also associated with protective posture and muscle tension producing a vicious cycle of pain and load.  
Matt Butel is an affiliate of the Permission to Move (PTM) chronic pain recovery program. This program can be purchased on the PTM site as a stand alone course without personalised coaching for $195. Personalised coaching from Matt or other practitioners worldwide (either in person or via telehealth) is valued at $995 and includes all the material in the $195 course. Please don’t purchase the course online if you are wishing to do it with Matt. We provide you with an access code to the material which is unlocked after each coaching session.
The course with recovery coaching is comprised of six sessions over approximately six weeks. The initial consultation is one hour followed by five 45 minute sessions. 
Each session comes with:
Multimedia learning tools and downloads for offline education available 24/7 for the patient to access.
Interactive quizzes that provide real-time feedback on your learning progress.
Tame the beast is another resource from some of the PTM authors that provides useful information about chronic pain.
Please let us know if you are interested chronic pain recovery.
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