It’s been a bit of learning curve and a journey hasn’t it?

Despite some of the frustrations and inconveniences, thankfully our region has been very fortunate. Even though there may be times when the lack of cases may seem reason to let our guard down it’s important to remember how quickly the situation might change.

The health of our staff, patients and community at large is of prime concern. We are adhering to best practice guidelines and strongly suggest that everyone join us in hygiene vigilance. Appointment times have been spread out to allow for less congestion in the clinic and more time to clean between patients. Obviously suspicious symptoms call for a bit of self isolation. For those who would like a consultation but are self isolating, please call the clinic on 55250622. Or email and hopefully we can provide strategies for you at home.

As we now all know:

Regularly wash hands.

Avoid touching your face unless hands are clean. Avoid personal contact.

Physical distancing is advised (let’s not call it social).

Prevent airborne particles with face masks if advised or concerned and especially if you’re sick, vulnerable or regularly in contact with sick or vulnerable people.

Cough into your elbow or tissues.

Dispose of tissues and wash hands.

Cold and flu like symptoms are likely not Covid-19 but the presence of any suspicious symptoms should require all of us to take extra care, practice physical distancing and self isolate. 

Other measures of vigilance include putting clothes straight into dirty basket after arriving home if particularly if they could possibly be contaminated. We should all be washing and cleaning more regularly than normal. Maintaining high levels of personal health is highly advised. Keep hydrated and well nourished.

The unprecedented situation surrounding the spread of COVID-19 can be daunting. It has already impacted our way of life in ways we could not have predicted. We’re in an unpredictable situation worldwide. We all must play a role to  slow the spread of COVID-19 while continuing to supporting each other. 
For now, we remain available to provide care for our patients.

 Our thoughts go out to anyone who are affected and especially where health is compromised.

It goes without saying that the scope of non medical health practitioners is limited to their speciality. Information on Corona virus should be sought via official medical channels. Check out :

For us, we will continue to keep a clean space, thoroughly wash hands and change the linen before each patient. We will of course be extra cautious in our approach to hygiene including increased usage of wipes and sprays. Thankfully we have a small scale clinic in a sunny and airy location without waiting room crowds. Our staff and patients are generally a pretty healthy bunch although any of us with suspicious symptoms should avoid contact with each other and seek medical advice. Thank you for your trust and support.

Any sign of suspicious symptoms should be reason enough to self isolate and seek medical advice.

NED-1370-COVID19: Identifying the symptoms - 0