We are now able to provide online sessions. Medicare has always allowed for 5 allied health sessions per year and telehealth has recently been included as part of that program for existing providers.

Stringent social distancing rules has created increased demand for advice given remotely, particularly for those who are unable to attend sessions in person.

We often talk to patients, check up on them and provide advice although recently this has been taken to a new level. We have been taking patients through their history taking, examination, home exercises, self strapping, ordering braces and providing injury management plans.

Matt’s DNS rehabilitation qualification places him in a unique position to provide instructive care towards de-loading of hypertensive muscles, improving range of motion and the promotion of function with active and passive positions and exercise.

Phone and email advice has always been free of charge. Ongoing Telehealth sessions will of course incur a fee and recent medicare allowances reflect the increased demand for remote care.

Please call or email if you have any queries regarding this service.